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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rocky Top

Hey that's not fair! No one warned me this was gonna be "I miss Tennessee day". It just snuck up on me kinda like a holiday I had forgotton. I never saw it coming. Maybe it was because I picked out a mother's day card for babysitter/adopted grandmother who helped us raise our two youngest girls. One of the most wonderful women on the planet, Ms. Pat, was the hardest to leave. How fortunate we were to have spent ten years there. It seems like yesterday we loaded up the truck and moved to Tennessee. There were others. Pooner our mechanic who became a dear friend, Francis my neighbor, brother Bruce our pastor, Rory the tin man and his wife Mary, and so many others. Maybe it snuck up on me cause I spoke with old friends in Nashville. They said they missed us, I said likewise, fighting back (happy) tears. Or maybe it's because Richard and I have been discussing where we will take our grandkids this summer. We've decided on San Marcos, New Braunfels and the blue hole in Tennessee. Just kidding Laura. No matter what the reason, today was indeed, "I miss Tennessee day". And now we begin the next leg of our adventure. But rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me, good ole rocky top........

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