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Journey along with self-employed artists, Richard and Linda Hamilton, peek into their lives... full of the daily challenges and drama of owning and operating Texas Trash and Treasures!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

good mexican music

richard took a truck load of our goods to sell at wimberlly market days. he left at 5am so its always alittle weird trying to go back to sleep. i didn't, i rose and did the same thing i do every morning, walk past the sales counter, (yes we live in the back of our store), turned off the fan and on the radio. my usual christian station was fuzzy so i started flipping and landed on a spanish station playing that good old fast mexican music. i had forgotton how much i love that music so i cranked it up and did alittle jig. you know what i mean. when the disc jockey came on it was really weird. i mean i'm a texas girl so i can speak alittle broken spanish but this guy was rattling it off so fast it was unlike any thing i had ever heard. he was coming at me rapid fire and i could not understand a single word he said! but i kept listening as if i did. i went on about my morning duties; coffee (for one), bedmaking, i even did my pushups to it!! he ranted on with a good song thrown in every now and again and i was indeed captivated. another language another tune, you should try it sometime. but be sure to turn it up real loud, that makes it even crazier and sends you into a different zone. hey come on!!! i'm a middle aged, over worked, under paid woman living in carmine tx. I NEEDED THIS!!! after about 2 hours, i'm not kidding, it was time to open the doors of the store. i considered leaving it on for the customers to enjoy.....maybe not.....adios amigos!!


  1. you are definitely livin' la vida loca!

  2. I SEE IT...I HEAR IT....now where's the lime and salt?? DANCE ON MI AMIGA!