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Journey along with self-employed artists, Richard and Linda Hamilton, peek into their lives... full of the daily challenges and drama of owning and operating Texas Trash and Treasures!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Great and Crazy Customers

Like we've discussed - there's the storefront, behind it our 400 sq.ft. living quarters, behind it our outdoor workshop. Last Monday the store was closed, as usual, and we were "hard at it creating." Around the corner pops a little head. She says, "Excuse me, are you open today?" I almost said, "Well yes, we are as a matter of fact that's why the sign says CLOSED." But, I put on my Jesus face, smiled and told her we were closed Mon, Tues and Wed.

One thing led to another and right before she hit her knees to beg ............... I caved, opened the door and turned on all 64 lights. It paid off for both of us. She gave me money and I gave her lots of smiles, a few laughs and lots of art.

Thank you great and crazy customers!!

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