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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Billboard


We are one of maybe ten shops on a very short stretch of hwy 290 between Houston and Austin. Most are fine antiques and good junk. Being funky and folky, I don't fit in very well.

In an attempt to "pull in our customer," we have leased a billboard 9 miles before our shop to educate the potential shopper on what to expect. It will state plainly that we are a fun, funky, folk art store.

That way the next time a sweet old gentleman walks in, makes a beeline towards me behind the counter, passing by all my great wonderful creations, (without even glancing at them), and asks, "Do you have any ANTIQUE TIRE TOOLS?"... I can scream at him saying, "DIDN'T YOU READ THE BILLBOARD?" Or maybe I'll say, "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I HAVE ANY ANTIQUE TIRE TOOLS IN HERE SIR? THIS IS ART BUDDY. A - R - T !!!" And I'll glare at him as I spell it out.
Or perhaps I'll smile and say, "No I don't sir, but if you'll buy some of my stuff, I'll tell you who does." Sure hope the billboard works, don't you!?!

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  1. flippin awesome!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I love you guys!