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Thursday, July 8, 2010


This morning as I opened the store, I spotted a note shoved under the door. A customer left me some money for a "Love room" sign she took from the front porch while we were closed. I like to take people by suprise with my work, hence for a couple years I have been making signs that say love room. My idea is that one would hang it in their home, in a special place, perhaps in the nursery where you rock the love of your life to sleep........or it could be in the kitchen or in an eating area where the family and love ones gather.........or maybe you have a secret place of prayer, a closet or corner where you go and the sign could be hung there as a gentle reminder of God's never ending, never changing love for you, no matter how we act or fail Him..........or imagine how pleased your mate would be to enter the bedroom and see the "love room" sign hanging.......... I love to watch people's reaction when they spot the sign in the store or in our booth at a show. Some frown, shake their head and put it down quickly, like it might rub off on them or something..ha ha! Some carry the sign around for awhile, I imagine they are trying to figure out if they really have a love room. And then there are those who approach check out, some boldly, some slowly and sheepishly, almost embarrassed!! I always have my standard line as I place it in a bag, probing, "great sign HuH??!! I love the responses I get, too numerous to list, but my favorite by far has to be from a young woman who shared with me that the sign was an anniversary gift for her parents who had been married going on 30 years. I asked her where she thought they might hang it (none of my business ofcourse) and she replied, "well actually they need one for EVERY room because they love each other so much. WOW!! Wouldn't it be great if every child thought that of their parents. No matter where one hangs their "love room" sign, I believe every home needs one. Food for thought.

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