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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little People

One of the perks of our recent move back to Texas, is the "little people". Recently Richard and I took our grandboys, Lofty and Lawson to the downtown Austin Sheraton for a slumber party. We had a great time, ate greasy overpriced hamburgers in the hotel dining room while the boys watched Nascar, shopped in the hotel giftshop like we were tourists, played I-SPY from our 16th floor room, and swam until we were waterlogged. The next morning we dined at the buffet and laughed at the boys as they marveled at the piles of bacon and eggs etc. And lastly, we sugared them up real good right before the hand off back to their parents. Gosh if I'd known grandkids were so much fun, maybe I would have had them first!! Love the little people.

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  1. That is perhaps the funniest post yet! LOVE it. I like the last part about sugaring them up... hello? I said NOT to do that! Now I know what was wrong with them!! Just kidding...