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Friday, September 17, 2010


PHOTO CONTEST - Shoot, Submit, Win!! First-ever "While at Warrenton" photo contest. Cool prizes for cool pictures... people, places, architecture, food, events, whatever you find at Warrenton. Family-oriented - anyone can enter.


  1. How FUN! A friend and I were in your cute little store in June! We both LOVE all your art. In fact, I bought some "flowers" and then got to spin the wheel and won $25 of free merchandise so I got MORE flowers. We will see you on the 2nd weekend of Warrenton. I took some cool pictures last year and will send those to you but will also have my camera with me this year (as ALL good bloggers do) and will send you those photos too!

    See you sooN!!!!!!

  2. me and Frank are in for Judging!! Can't wait for the fun to begin...oh no...IT ALREADY DID!!

  3. this is all great! spread the word PHOTO CONTEST... love it!

  4. not able to email photos..they keep bouncing back...have you rec'd any from wilkins59@yahoo.com