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Sunday, June 6, 2010

road warrior

I love MEN! I mean in general I admire and respect most MEN. I love how they are wired to do what women can't or won't do. OK, I realize that is a controversial statement considering the times we live in, but hey it's my blog!! I love my husband, Richard, especially because he is, like most men, a warrior. He goes into his battles to win! That's what men do! This particular battle occurred on the side of the road coming home from our Oklahoma show. I think he actually got excited when we blew out a wheel bearing on our trailor. Ofcourse he had all the parts to fix it and so he jumped out , telling me , his fair maiden, to sit in the truck with the air conditioner running. THAT's WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! I certainly wasn't equipped to fight this battle! What do I know about re-packing a wheel bearing!!?? So I watched him in my rear view mirrow, smiling, admiring him at battle. He attacked the tire with a vengence, and just as he began to grow a tad weary, another MAN pulled up, didn't even ASK if he needed help, just got on the ground beside Richard and dug in. It was wild!! Two warriors. A few hours later, we were flying down the highway again, my warrior at the wheel, no doubt proud of himself for slaying the dragon. I LOVE MEN, well I mean I love MY man.


  1. Great post, Linda! I kinda like my guy, too! :)

  2. Love it Linda! I love my "Warrior" too!